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November 16 2014

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KriKor Jabotian Haute Couture Fall-Winter 2014

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November 11 2014

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
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November 04 2014

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October 17 2014

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October 05 2014

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He’s holding is little hands like, “umm kind sir I’m back… i… is it ok if I get some more nuts? If not that’s ok I’m just hungry” 

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April 13 2014

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December 29 2013

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November 24 2013

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500 days of summer
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November 06 2013

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September 26 2013

ten gif wyraża poziom mojej motywacji w życiu w tym momencie
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July 11 2013

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June 04 2013

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The Original Broadway Cast of Disney’s The Lion King

Mufasa :: Sarabi :: Young Nala and Simba :: Simba :: Nala:: Rafiki :: Pumba and Timon :: Zazu :: Scar :: The Hyenas (Ed, Shenzi, and Banzai)

infinite. - The Original Broadway Cast of Disney’s The Lion...
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June 03 2013

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hhaha love it, everything is clear!
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